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25 January, 2010 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack:  Richard and Linda Thompson – Pour Down Like Silver

So, as the Staines contract draws to a close, it’s time to take stock and look for the next role.  Strangely, I don’t feel ‘unemployed’ any more, rather ‘between contracts’ – hence the obscure Ian Dury reference in the title above.  Better an Inbetweenie than a Doley!

Still, needs must, so I’m back signing on again.  This time round, it’s Chester rather than Warrington.  So I can hang around with a better class of doley once a fortnight.  If, indeed, it comes to that.  There are a couple of contract opportunities floating around that might turn into something tangible, although both are back down in the South East.

In the meantime though, it’s back to life/back to reality in the Cheshire Plains – and back to blogging as well.

The Staines work was good fun, and has given us a little bit of welcome breathing space, and has given me the appetite to do more work in this vein – at least until the permanent jobs start appearing again.  Up to a point, it’s nice to be master of my own destiny again.  If I thought I could pick up a steady stream of such work, I’d do this full time.  Big ‘If’ though.

In my final few days away, I filled my evenings beginning to work through the first series of ‘Spectacle’, a music/chat show hosted by Elvis Costello.  Originally recorded and broadcast in the States, the series was somewhat lost in the depths of Channel Four’s late night schedules and was consequently largely overlooked in this country.  So I was surprised to see the DVD of the first series for sale – but wasted no time getting a copy.

Four episodes in, and I’m pleased to report it is one of the most intelligent music shows I have seen in a long time – whilst Elvis (initially at least) is not the most polished of interviewers, his love of music and his respect for his interviewees comes across clearly.  And the music is superb too – whether performed by Elvis and his band (including, at various times, James Burton, Allen Toussaint and Attractions Steve Nieve and Pete Thomas) or in conjunction with his guests.

Oh, and some high quality guests as well.  Elton John in the first show, focusing heavily on his first few albums when his credibility outweighed his popularity.  Bill Clinton on the second, as a jazz fan (and sometime musician) rather than as a president, then Tony Bennett – dapper and smooth as silk, one of the last great crooners.  Then in show four – Lou Reed, for once engaging and erudite rather than bitter and abrasive.

To come – Smokey, Rufus Wainwright, Kris Kristofferson, James Taylor and others.

I have no idea what the potential audience is for a show like this – it’s hardly appealing to mainstream tastes – but I’m delighted that there are producers who are prepared to invest in this sort of programming even though the returns must be tiny compared to the investment required.

Anyway, Here’s Elvis and Lou duetting on ‘Perfect Day’.  Fascinating contrast between Costello’s crooning and Reed’s, er, idiosyncratic approach to the melody.  And Elvis still looks threatening on the ‘you’re going to reap just what you sow’ line.

Richard Thompson apparently makes an appearance on Spectacle on a later series, but comes up on the soundtrack today with wife (of the time) Linda.  I prefer the R&L albums to the solo Richard work – Linda’s voice is that much easier on the ear and adds variety and nuance that can be missing from Richard’s solo albums.

By any standards, this is gorgeous.  ‘The Dimming of the Day’.  Richard and Linda Thompson.

>"So don’t you like football then?"

7 November, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack:  Rockpile – A Mess of Blues Live 1977

My, but they’re a strange lot, darn sarf.

Spent all week in Staines, getting my feet well and truly under the table.  I’ve been there long enough now to start getting to know people, and to enjoy a bit of old chat (as I believe they say down there.)

A bit of old chat with people like Jacqui, for instance.  Our conversation went something like this:

J:  Where you from then?
P:  Oh, up north, about halfway between Manchester and Liverpool.
J:  So who d’you support then?  ManYoo?
P:  God, No!
J:  Liverpool?
P:  What?  You must be joking!
J:  So don’t you like football then?

Wrong, Jacqui, but at the same time, so very, very right as well.  Especially after Thursday night, when the unwinning sequence continued against Benfica.  Luckily, Simon was over again, so I was able to forget about the match as we put the world to rights over yet another Roshni’s curry.  0-0 at half time was respectable, 0-2 at full time…not so much.
Still, we should still qualify for the knockout stages, when no doubt we will be humiliated by a half decent team of European veterans at the first time of asking.
At least we are not Liverpool, though.
I ventured out of Staines this week to visit the new shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, Westfield.
What a bloody silly place to put a shopping centre!  Probably not a good idea to drive there, though.
Still, once there, I had a good old meander, sorted out Mrs W’s birthday stuff and copped a bite to eat – a very acceptable burrito from one of the varied concessions, since you ask.  It’s quite an impressive place, if you like that sort of thing, but ultimately not as varied or comprehensive as I thought it would be.  Give me the Trafford Centre any day.
Another top tip for the weekend – if you buy the new version of Football Manager with the intention of whiling away the long, lonely hotel nights with a bit of computer-based escapism – then be sure not to take an empty box away with you.  Take the disc as well.
So I whiled away the long, lonely hotel nights with another DVD box set – this time going back in time to watch The Singing Detective, which was every bit as good as I remembered it – especially Joanne Whalley’s eyes.  Oh yes.
Watching it again, would something like The Singing Detective ever get commissioned nowadays?  Imagine the pitch:
“It’s about this writer, who is in hospital with a nasty skin disease.  While in hospital, he daydreams about a detective story, in which he also plays the main character – and sings as well.  “The Singing Detective”, see?  He also has a series of flashbacks to a Vale of Dean-based childhood where everyone speaks in an impenetrable burr.  Oh, and at random points in the series, the actors will launch into improbable song and dance routines to break up the action a bit.”
I don’t think so, Mr Potter.
“Oh, and there’s a bit of tit in it for the dads.  And Joanne Whalley is going to play a young nurse with big brown eyes.”
Where do I sign up?
All with a bit of Rockpile in the background.  A Mess of Blues is – I think – a bootleg of a BBC radio performance from back in the ’70s.  The cover says 1977, but I suspect that’s a bit early.  Anyway, a decent performance it is, a young(ish) Nick Lowe performing with Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner (not that one) and Terry Williams.  Lots of stuff from Nick’s first album, some decent covers and the glorious ‘I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock ‘n’ Roll).  Basic, no-nonsense pub rock, and there’s nowt wrong with that at all.
Here are the boys, looking incredibly fresh faced, with the aforementioned bride.  Rock on!

>Welcome to the Working Week!

24 October, 2009 2 comments

>Today’s soundtrack:  Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Rattlesnakes

Look, no daily count in the title today!  Now I’m working again, there’s nothing to count from!  I might have to resurrect the count in due course, but for now, we’re back to zero.

Yes – the working week.  God, it’s hard, isn’t it?  Although it did get easier as the week went on, I have to admit it’s been a bit of a shock to the system.

But there is an element of riding a bike to it – there’s nothing in the actual work itself that I’m thinking – how do you do this, I can’t remember.  It’s still all there, and the synapses are all flashing like buggery.  Assuming that’s what synapses do.

But I’m still knackered.

I gave myself an early start on Tuesday, out of the house around half five, to try and avoid all the likely traffic build-up points before any traffic actually got there.  And that worked fine, getting me down to Staines before nine.  A bit too early for the company, actually.  Eventually though, I was through reception, and meeting up with all my new (temporary) colleagues.  The company currently employs a lot of temps, so getting me set up was a breeze – passes for the doors, computer logins, email addresses – all pretty much ready and waiting for me when I got there.

So I’ve spent the week talking to people, shadowing them while they work, understanding and documenting processes – and already coming to one or two conclusions where things might be improved.  There’s a long way to go though – plenty of areas to cover!

Staines itself is – to my surprise – quite a pleasant little town.  David Byrne once described Memphis as “…home of Elvis, and the ancient Greeks”.  If he had been writing about Staines, he might have said, “…home of Hard-Fi, and of Ali G”.  Which would suggest that Staines was a warren of concrete underpasses, security cameras, populated by blinged-up wannabe gangstas with their kecks clinging precariously to their upper thighs.

Well not in the bits I’ve seen.  The Thames flows through the town, swans and rowers skim the surface, there’s a market day on Wednesday and there’s a Waitrose quite handy.  My hotel is a quaint old building just on the other side of the river to the offices, a short walk away.  Not the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in, but clean, comfortable and handy.  I’ve had no problem sleeping, anyway.  Here’s the view from the office window – check those mean streets!

One thing I can never get used to is the ‘stuck in the hotel, alone’ syndrome.  Went out for a meal with the FD one evening, but for the other two nights I was left to my own devices.  Rather than sit alone in a restaurant, I chose to get some chuck in from the supermarket and squirrel myself away in my room.  Plenty of entertainment though – I took the ‘Red Riding’ trilogy of DVDs down with me to watch on my laptop – one film per night.

I blogged a while ago about reading the books – and I’m glad I read the books before watching the films.  The screenwriter and the various directors have done a really good job of extracting the meat of the story from the  books, without compromising too much in any particular area.  In fact, the films clarified a few areas in the books that I’d struggled with (I think – there’s some conflation of characters that might have misled me a little bit) and – possibly the biggest compliment I can pay to the films – they’ve made me want to go back and re-read the books, in the expectation I will get even more out of them second time around.

So home for the weekend, and also Monday next week – when I have my second interview for the permanent job in Preston I’ve mentioned before.  Down to the last two – one final push, and I might be sorted before Christmas.  God, I hope so.

And all this to the jangly, literate sound of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.  An ideal soundtrack, actually, to the past week’s bedsit life.  Back in the ’80s, Lloyd soundtracked the existence of many sensitive singletons in his black rollneck sweater and Gitane-cracked voice, singing about simple metaphors, Eve-Marie Saint, girls with  “…cheekbones like geometry, eyes like sin, …sexually enlightened by Cosmopolitan..” and driving round in daddy’s ‘deux chevaux’.  Obviously I wasn’t sensitive, or a singleton (for long, anyway) at the time, but Lloyd still soundtracked part of my life, and Rattlesnakes is still one of my favourite albums.

This is great – Perfect Skin, source of the great line quoted above.

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>Day 218: Signing Off…?

19 October, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack:  Various Artists – True Romance Soundtrack

Right, it’s Monday morning, and tomorrow I start work!

On a contract basis, so come the end of November I might be right back where I started, but for the next few weeks I shall be spending my weeks in Staines, just outside London, doing an internal control review for a business linked with my ex-employer, who kindly referred the contract on to me.

All the planning is done, terms of reference have been prepared and reviewed – now it’s just a case of getting down there and rolling my sleeves up.  Not without a certain amount of trepidation – it’s been the best part of seven months since I picked up a calculator in anger – can I still do it?

Course I bloody can.

Spent Sunday frantically trying to finish off my chores – and finally got the bathroom finished, tiles grouted and cleaned.  A few scratches on the glass tiles I’m not too happy about, but otherwise a pretty decent job.  Then I watched a bit of the Blackburn-Burnley game, read the paper and watched the Grand Prix.  Nice to see Button finally sewing up the Championship – he gave up trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a super drive from the back of the grids into the points – and ahead of Rubens Barrichello, giving him the margin of victory he needed to make the final race in Abu Dhabi academic.

We also finished the final series of The Shield as well, which I wholeheartedly recommend to you.  As good as The Wire and The Sopranos?  Probably not, but not embarrassed in their company either.  The series cleverly has you rooting for the bad guys and is really well scripted and acted.  Not sure what we watch now though…

Today’s soundtrack is from the film True Romance, probably Mrs W’s favourite film, and certainly one of mine.  Written (but not directed ) by Quentin Tarantino, the dialogue is sharp, the acting superb, with some nice little cameos, and the storyline as touching as it is violent.  Go and rent it, now.

The music included on the soundtrack is a combination of ‘film’ music, with an eclectic selection of tasty tunes from the likes of John Waite, Shelby Lynne and Soundgarden(!)  The highlight for me though is Hans Zimmer’s theme tune, instantly memorable, played I believe on a vibraphone(?)

So, one and all, I suspect that might be the end of the daily blogs – at least for the time being – but keep checking back for at least weekly postings.

Take care – all of you.  I love you all.

>Day 214: You put the first disc in, take the first disc out…

15 October, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack:  Porcupine Tree – Coma Divine

…in, out, in, out….and continue for the next 70 discs.  All day.

That was today’s job, folks, and very, very dull it was too.

Captain Paranoia had struck and I decided to do a full, permanent backup of my iTunes library.  In the past, I’ve backed up from one external hard drive (where my ‘original’ music and stuff is held) onto another external hard drive – but the backup drive is now too small to hold all my music and films, as well as my photos and other documents – so whilst the plan is to get another, bigger, hard drive for music backups, I thought I’d also copy to DVDs so I have a permanent and largely unbreakable backup.  So that’s what I did.

Unfortunately I have got a BIG iTunes library and, whilst the process is all automated from within iTunes, you still need to feed it with blank DVDs on request.  Which I did – 71 DVDs, at approximately six minute intervals.  As the Yanks say, do the math.

And yes, 71 DVDs is a lot of gigs.  As in gigabytes, not concerts, although there’s plenty of them as well!

Whilst all this was going on, I was pushing for some answers on the job front – and largely getting them, I have to say.

Firstly I took a call re the permanent role in Preston – still the preferred candidate, but one more person for them to consider in this round.  But all being well, I’ll be called for second (final?) interview next week.  But either way, the timings of the permanent role will not have an impact on the contract work in Staines.

So – secondly – let’s ensure the Staines work would not cock up the mortgage insurance.  No response to yesterday’s email, so on to the insurers by phone (following a bit of nagging from Mrs W!)  And, again, good news!  Obviously they won’t pay me while I’m working, but when I stop, the benefit kicks in again seamlessly and – even better – the payment period is extended to add back the period spent working and not claiming!  Result!

Finally, in touch with Staines to confirm that its all systems go for next week – starting work on Tuesday!  There might be some tweaking of Terms of Reference, but the meat of the review – and the cost/expense structure – is all agreed.

So – finally – I’ll be working for The Man again and, for a period at least, not living the high life on your taxes. To the tune of sixty-odd quid a week.  Bring it on!

But Paul!  What does this mean for the blog?  I don’t hear you wail.  I’m not sure actually.  I doubt I’ll be able to update stuff on a daily basis, but I’m not about to stop.  Mind you, stuck in a hotel in Staines – with wireless access to the internet – it might be one way of staving off the ‘sad lonely man in hotel’ syndrome.  We’ll see – no promises.  Enjoy it while you can!

Porcupine Tree?  What sort of name is that for a group, Paul?  Well it’s a mighty silly name, if you ask me.  But – perhaps surprisingly – a remarkably good group.  ‘They’ are essentially one man – Stephen Wilson – playing progressive rock (no shit Sherlock) blended with some ‘heavier’ material.  Heavy on the guitars and the synths, with some flowery lyrical flourishes, they are well worth a listen – if you like that sort of thing.  And I do.

Coma Divine is a live album from 1997 and captures the band on good form.  Long, instrumental passages interspersed with shorter, even poppier, pieces.  Probably one for the committed fan rather than the casual listener but never boring.

Here they are – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here!

>Day 213: Drum….

14 October, 2009 2 comments

>Today’s soundtrack:  Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Soundtrack

A watched pot never boils, a watched phone never rings…and, especially, an anticipated recruitment consultant never calls.  My last conversation suggested that the ‘other’ candidate would be interviewed either on Friday or on Monday…so, it now being Tuesday, I thought I might get the call.  Cue sound of fingernails being drummed on desk as tumbleweed balls blow by….

But no, not today.  It’s not surprising, it’s not unusual (as Tom might say) but it is a tad frustrating.  Especially as I have to make a firm decision on Staines by the end of the week…and I think I know what that decision will be!

Indeed, I spent a large part of the day putting together some formal terms of reference for the Staines contract, capturing, I think, all the issues we discussed in their offices on Monday.  Sent them down to the FD for comment/approval, then emailed the insurance company to find out the implications for the mortgage cover of accepting such a contract.  Now awaiting responses from both!

Had a good chat with Simon on the phone, now back from his overseas jaunts and looking for the next role.  He’d an interview in the afternoon in London, a very interesting role that I hope he gets – heaven knows it’s an organisation that could use some decent people in it!

I promised to call him next week for a chat – true to form, he’s the one being proactive about keeping in touch while I’m lapsing into my usual laissez faire mode – not good enough Paul!  My excuse that he’s been jet-setting around the world and I’ve never known when he’s going to be in the UK is at best weak – and at worst slightly pathetic!  Come on, Paul, get yourself sorted!

Postman called this morning with my new ‘handsfree’ car kit – my last one was fine, until I knocked off the microphone attachment with my head when getting out of the car a while ago, leaving me with a piece of a kit that was great for one-way communication – I could hear everyone fine, but no-one could hear me – but, quite frankly, lousy for the job it was intended to do.  The replacement has no moving parts at all – so nothing for me to break, hopefully.  Disappointingly, the thing only comes with a charger designed to fit into a cigarette lighter in the car – and it needed an initial ten hour charge to get up and running.  Absolutely useless, as the various chargers in my car only work with the ignition on – and I wasn’t about to take any ten hour drives anywhere!  Luckily, I had an old Sony mains charger with the right connector on the bottom, so I took a chance with that, and it seemed to do the trick.  Warranty completely invalidated in the process though, I should imagine…

Spent the afternoon copying a couple of films over to my computer before running the discs back to Blockbuster – and then reviewing the online LoveFilm list, which we had allowed to run down to nothing.  A great process in theory, but in practice the website makes the selection process so difficult it is a real ballache.  Still, loads of crappy films are now queued up for our viewing pleasure – just in time for the postal strike to stop them being delivered anyway!

No matter, who needs DVDs when we’ve got Masterchef?  Second semifinal tonight – tall, serious Ryan up against tiny, excited David.  Ryan is the one who looks like he means business – you expect David to still be making butterfly cakes in the kitchen with his mummy – but on the day, it was a really close call.  Ryan getting the nod, but with David pushing him all the way with a good performance in the professional kitchen and some spectacular courses in the Masterchef kitchen.  Not good enough to dislodge mean, moody Ryan though – this lad has champion written all over him.

Not literally, of course.  That would look messy.

The Twin Peaks soundtrack is as mean and moody as our Ryan, the perfect soundtrack to the television series and, of course, to today’s witterings here.  Twin Peaks was one of the television ‘events’ of the ’90s – weird and unsettling in a way that only David Lynch can really achieve – that sense of something very disturbing existing just beneath the facade of everyday life.

I loved it, and got the first series on DVD when it came out, to share with Mrs W, who had never seen the original.  Probably on a ship somewhere at the time.  Sadly, we were watching it when Mrs W hear that her mother was seriously ill, and it got abandoned as we made a mad dash down to Birmingham – and because of the connotations we’ve never felt like picking it up again.

The music associated with the series is stunning though.  Sparse and moody, yet with an underlying beauty, the music soars at times with a huge sense of optimism.  I’m going to stop there before I start getting quoted in Pseud’s corner – but just listen to this.  You’ll see what I mean, hopefully.

>Day 212: Head out on the Highway

13 October, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack:  CSS – Cansei De Ser Sexy

Up and out ridiculously early today, heading down the motorways to Staines for a planning meeting around the contract work that – might – be taking place shortly.  It’s a long drive to Staines (just south of Heathrow, just off the M25) but it’s the ‘right’ side of London if you’re driving from the North West, and the public transport option would involve cars, trains, tubes and taxis – and around as much journey time as the drive.

Or at least it would have done if it wasn’t for the big crash on the M40 around Northampton.  I’d been making good time up to that point, skirted Birmingham (taking the easy option of the toll road) and was all set for a 9:30 arrival in Staines.  Then everything ground to a halt.  A three-lane halt at that.  Traffic was stationary for a good hour, after which we started to roll forward, steadily, but at around 5mph, for a couple of miles.  Got to the obstruction just as it was cleared to the hard shoulder with all lanes open – the motorway had been closed completely, then expanded to just one lane, up till then.  At this stage the ‘big’ crash didn’t look too nasty – a taxi hitting a Jag, from the looks of it – and there didn’t seem to be any ambulances involved, happily.  There was a big pile of suitcases on the bank next to the motorway which suggested that someone’s holiday (taxi on its way to Heathrow?) had been spoiled – but it could have been far worse.

Rest of the journey passed without incident, and I ended up getting to Staines just on eleven.  Enough time for an hour’s chat with the FD about the assignment – and for me to confirm my interest – subject to progress on the permanent role that’s still lurking in the background.  We’ve agreed a way forward, agreed charge-out rates and expenses – and will make a final decision on Friday about whether to proceed or not.  The company is still talking to other people about the role, but I do get the impression I’m the preferred candidate again.

Which is nice.

Journey back passed without incident, and I was home for half three – just enough time to churn out yesterday’s blog and to prepare for the evening’s entertainment.

Looks like being a Masterchef week this week, as the semi finals get underway.  Two chefs head to head each night, working in Michelin starred kitchens and cooking their own stuff in the studio.  For a while it looked like the Scottish lad was going through, but in the end ‘Simpering Sally’ (as we fondly call her) made it through to the final.  Bring on the next one!

A touch of Brazilian on the soundtrack today.  CSS – or Cansei de Ser Sexy (I got tired of being sexy) with their eponymous debut album.  Good fun, in an upbeat poppy electro sort of way, I missed them at Glastonbury a couple of years ago but they went down a storm apparently.  Not, admittedly, a band I would have gone out of my way to see, but in the overall scheme of things, the world is a better place for bands such as this.

Here they are at Glasto in 2007 – yes, it had been raining.  Dig the jumpsuit though!

>Day 209: Let’s Get It On!

10 October, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack:  Marvin Gaye – The Very Best Of

A bit of a flat day today, if I’m honest.  I finished yesterday absolutely bushed, and I’m not sure why.  Spent most of the afternoon sat in a car on the Huddersfield run, but that shouldn’t really wear me out.  I did eat too much tea – chippy tea on the way home which, if I’m honest, was piled up on the plate a bit and did sort of over-calorify the back end of the day…if I said fish and chips, the latter covered in spicy chippy curry sauce, with a big fat scallop on the side, you’d have to agree it was a bit over the top.  No marks from Gregg or Chef Michel for presentation, certainly – and they might have blanched at the seasoning, as well.

But when it’s what you want – it’s better than any fine dining experience – ever.

So to bed with what felt like a lump of concrete slowly setting in my belly, giving me one of the less sleepful nights I’ve had.  Not helped, of course, by the furry alarm clock, who has decided that 6:15am is the optimum ‘killing time’ and yowls until he is released into the early morning mist.  My job to let him out – only fair, since Mrs W is the one going out and earning a crust just now, I guess.

Progress on the job front is pushing forward quite nicely in two directions at the moment – today we moved the London contract on a bit further…Monday I’m going down to Staines to meet the finance team and to do some serious scoping of the project.  This looks like a goer, irrespective of what happens on the Preston front.  Just need to make sure that timings don’t upset the big prize, which is, of course, the permanent job!

Trains to Staines are a pain, though (you see what I did there?  I don’t just throw these words down, you know) – so I think I’ll drive down on Monday – early start to avoid the Birmingham rush, and I’ll be fine.  It’ll be nice to get a suit on and to get back to the day job, if only for a while.  Like riding a bike – hopefully! – it’s been a while since I’ve done any serious job speccing, but once you’ve got it…

Speaking of Birmingham reminds me – Kevin got in touch this morning to share his ‘Eureka’ moment with me. He thinks I should write seriously – fiction, or some sort of autobiography based upon this here blog (but with less cooking).  To be honest, I’d love to – if I had the inspiration, the subject to write about.  I know that this stuff keeps me entertained – and about 25 of you out there – but would people really pay for a book based on all this stuff?  I have my doubts.

Anyway, how do you embed a YouTube clip into a book?

We’ll see – I’m sorely tempted.  Perhaps I’ll just print the lot off and send individual volumes out to you all.

Actually, scratch that, print it out yourselves.

I’m typing this on a quiet Saturday morning, with a full pot of coffee on the side, Mrs W. out at Pilates and Pedro bown the banks – and Marvin ‘getting it on’ in the background.  Not literally, obviously.  His ‘getting it on’ days were sadly cut short by his old dad a good few years ago now.

But – late night or early morning, when the mood is right – is there anyone else who can caress your eardrums as well as Marvin?  Effortless singing, a huge range of upbeat and downbeat material, classic duets with Tammi, Diana and Kim.  Songs to move you and groove you.

Is there a song out there as lusty as ‘Let’s Get It On’?  Only one – Sexual Healing – and that’s one of Marvin’s as well.  Social comment?  What’s Goin’ On is the template.

Marvin – along with Smokey and Stevie – took the Motown template and raised it way beyond boy band/girl band stuff, helping create a whole new sound (the Sound of Young America!) that complemented the deeper soul coming out of Memphis at the same time -and soundtracked the Sixties into the bargain.

Music that is sprinkled with genius.

Let’s get it on people.  Ow!