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>Day 139: Cholesterol? What Cholesterol?

2 August, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack: Suicide – Suicide

There are times when only a fry-up will do. Today was one of those times.

What did we have? We had thick-cut back bacon and pork sausages from the farm shop, double fried egg, mushrooms fried in olive oil, hash browns and fried bread. Lightly dressed with red (Mrs W) and brown (me) sauce. And washed down with big mugs of coffee and tea.

Absolutely delightful. Eaten early, so as not to reduce the impact of the curry planned for the evening – provided courtesy of Sainsbury’s, who have a very tasty line of ready meals. In particular, they have started doing side dishes in little square(ish) pots that really go down a treat – we had some Bombay Potato and some Tarka Daal that were very acceptable.

Other than eat (and drink), there was little to do today other than sit in ad watch the rain fall. It’s been a bit of a washout this summer, certainly up here in the grim North, and I’m just thankful that festival season was – by and large – a dry one this year.

So how to fill the day?

Well – inevitably – a bit of football management took place this afternoon. I’m still hanging in there as the season draws to a close, with a top ten position reasonably secure. Not sure that will be enough for the Board, despite my ‘Manager of the Month’ award for March, to secure my place for next season, but who knows?

Other than that, I spent some time chucking out a load of covermount discs from computer magazines stretching back years, and sorting out the various discs relating to computer programs that I’ve acquired over the years. I started doing this while I was looking for the software that came with my printer/scanner combo – I needed to install the scanner software on the new computer. Failed miserably in my search for said disc – why is it that the disc you want is always the one you can’t find? – but in any event was able to download what I needed from the internet, in new, improved Vista-compatible flavour, so all was well eventually.

As you can tell, it was rather quiet chez Waring today – which is no bad thing on occasion!

Today ended with a better than average DVD watched while we ate our curry – called ‘Passengers’, it followed the recuperation of a number of airline passengers in the aftermath of a plane crash. Needless to say, not all was what it seemed at first, although the twist, when it came, wasn’t too much of a surprise. A couple of second division actors, no big stars, but a nice way to waste an hour or two.

Today’s soundtrack is hardly ‘easy’ listening – Suicide were one of the original NY Punk bands that came out of the CBGB’s explosion of the mid-’70s. They stood apart from the pack by being a duo and by being synthesiser-led. An incredibly confrontational band live, it was not unknown for their performances to end in mayhem either caused by, or visited upon, the band.

Still, a hugely influential band in their own way, on the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, early Human League and Soft Cell for instance. You wouldn’t play them to your mother, though. This, their first album, was re-released last year with a second disk including ’23 Minutes over Brussels’, a concert (in Brussels) that, indeed, lasted 23 minutes before degenerating into a full-scale riot.

I was a bit loath to search for ‘Suicide’ on YouTube – who knows what you will find? Anyway, I did find this – Suicide performing ‘Ghost Rider’, the album’s lead-off track, some time in 1977-78. Will you make it all the way to the end?

>Days 117-119: Slipping Standards

13 July, 2009 Leave a comment

>Today’s soundtrack: AC/DC – If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It

I know, I know, there’ve been rather a lot of combined days’ postings going on recently. So much for a single post every day, what happened to that? Well let me tell you, it’s not easy coming up with fresh stuff to write every single day – especially when one day is much like any other at the moment!

But I know I’m slipping – when I get Latitude out of the way, I promise to do better.

So Jayne won Masterchef then, as we thought she might. I won’t give you a blow-by-blow, it’s been done better than I could by Andrew Collins here – but once she’d got away from the pressure of the professional kitchen she managed to cook something that looked (and, presumably, tasted) better than anything the others could produce. Roll on Normal Person Masterchef!

While all that was going on, the footy pre-season started with Everton’s first friendly, away to the mighty Bury. Everton’s back four included three kids I’d quite literally never heard of, and while the rest of the team had some pedigree, it was no real surprise that they lost 2-1 in the end. Nice to see Jo back for a season-long loan, but that’s not really where I think our priority lies for strengthening this season.

In other sporting news, England managed the raggedy-est draw possible in the first test after looking dead and buried at the start of the final day. Not really a huge cause for celebration, we looked (and were) crap for most of the match and it is difficult to see where any improvement may come from. I remain distinctly underwhelmed by cricket as a spectator sport these days – years ago I would have watched test matches from first ball to last but now I just can’t maintain the enthusiasm. I did sit through the German Grand Prix though – it does begin to look like a Red Bull charge in the second half of the season will make things pretty interesting as Brawn go slightly off the boil. And whilst it was nice to see a competitive Lewis Hamilton come through qualifying in some style, it was disappointing (although massively amusing) to see him set off like a loon and blow (quite literally) his chances at the very first corner. Still, good to see Mark Webber winning his first race (from his first pole) – seems like a nice guy who, like Button, is long overdue some tangible success.

I spent a lot of the weekend trawling the Internet for snide downloads of Glastonbury performances, and hit paydirt with some decent recordings of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and The Gaslight Anthem. I even managed to find a video of the Springsteen guest spot with The Anthem (although I was unable to spot myself in the crowd). Converting them into iPod-friendly formats (and getting the right titles for the songs) took a bit of effort but we got there in the end. I also picked up The Sunday Times for the free Specials CD, which is also sitting proudly on the iPod now.

Culinary treat of the weekend was one of the simplest – toasted bagels with cream cheese. We don’t have bagels that often, and I’d forgotten just how much I enjoyed them. With some smoked salmon and a twist of black pepper, they’d have been even better. Next time.

The bagels were almost outshone by Saturday brunch though – just the thing to cure the marginally thick head I’d woken up with on Saturday morning. Between myself and Mrs W, brunch comprised the following:
Cumberland sausage x4 (healthily grilled in the Formby)
Back bacon x4 (cooked in the frying pan)
Black pudding x2 (cooked in the bacon fat)
Mushrooms (ditto)
Fried egg x4 (ditto)
Fried bread x2 (cooked in the juices saved from the sausages)
Plus brown sauce for me and red sauce for Mrs W.
Now if only we’d had some beans and hash browns in…
Finally a bit of heavy stuff on the soundtrack. And it doesn’t get much better than Bon Scott era AC/DC, does it? If You Want Blood… also has the advantage of being live, and includes the wonderful ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’, about one of Mr Scott’s more, ahem, Rubenesque groupies. 42-39-56, you could say she’s got it all!! Hell yeah!

And here they are in Colchester, of all places, back in 1978. Rifftastic!

>Day 48: Oh my aching head….

3 May, 2009 1 comment

>Today’s soundtrack: Various Artists – Sound 07

Everton 2, Liverpool One.

No, it’s not a result, or even a bit of wishful thinking. Everton are finally getting round to opening a ‘flagship’ merchandise store in the City Centre – actually in the newly remodelled shopping area in the centre of Liverpool. I understand that the store will be called ‘Everton 2′ (the original megastore up by the ground being renamed ‘Everton 1′, you see). Those of you from the area will know that the new shopping centre has been renamed ‘Liverpool One‘.

So the address of the new megastore will be…..(drum roll)….

Everton 2, Liverpool One.

Do you see what they did there? I think that is genius.

Anyway, where were we? Let’s get the soundtrack for the day out of the way as it follows on quite nicely from the above. I have no idea where I got the above album from, it must have come free with a magazine or something, but it’s as good a freebie as you could hope for – basically a set of songs covered – or performed – by various artists from Liverpool. I’m currently listening to Ian McCulloch singing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’. The album also includes Shack performing ‘A House is Not a Motel’ originally by Love, and the great Pete Wylie performs his own ‘Heart as Big as Liverpool’, one of my favourite songs about the city. Great stuff.

Living were we do, and working (when I do work!) for the most part in Manchester, I don’t get into Liverpool as much as I used to – other than for the match, which is out of the city centre – but when I do go, I still get more of a buzz out of the city than just about any other. I don’t want to over-romanticise it, but there is just something about Liverpool that I don’t ‘get’ about Manchester, Leeds, or any other big equivalent northern city. Not sure what it is – it might be the river, it might be the Pier Head and the Three Graces – but Liverpool remains special to me.

I should go more often.

After the exertions and stresses of Friday, we spent the day doing very little, actually. The day started with me feeling like something had crawled into my mouth and died…nothing at all to do with the previous night’s bottle of red, I’m sure…so it took a gallon of coffee, a litre of Resolve and a lot of time to start feeling vaguely human again.

What really sorted me out was brunchtime though. Plans to have a quick sausage sandwich turned into a full-scale fry-up…bacon, sausage, double fried egg, hash browns, beans and fried bread…just what the doctor ordered!

Suitably regenerated, we drove off to see the parents, who were looking after my brother’s dog, Alfie, while he and his family were away at a football tournament in Blackpool. Now I’m not a doggie person, and Alfie, although a perfectly well-tempered dog, does have a tendency to get overexcited and jumpy-uppy, which doesn’t do it for Paul.

Mrs W, in contrast, was in her element, and happily fussed and played with Alfie while we were there, rolling round on the grass (that’s Mrs W, not just the dog) in complete disregard for dignity and without a care in the world. And why not? It was good to see and Alfie now has a soulmate for life! Daft as each other, if you ask me.

Home, and enchiladas whilst watching a surprisingly good little film called ‘The Children’ – a British film about two (related) families celebrating a snowy Christmas together. Things take a turn for the worse when the kiddies start getting infected by some form of virus that turns the little darlings into psychopathic killers…..mayhem ensues….

I know, I know, but trust me, it had some genuinely creepy and shocking moments. Not Oscar material (obviously) but good fun for an hour or two.